The Blockchain Wave is Forming, and there’s going to be a Tsunami of Opportunity.

Here I go by the handle Benjamin M. Brown.

Call me Ben.

I learned of Bitcoin in 2012, and started to participate in the blockchain space in 2013.

I invested a few ICOs in 2014 but most notably Ethereum’s 2014 ICO at $0.28.

I sold some at $975.

I lost 550 ETH to the DAO exploit in 2016.

In a nutshell, I’ve made a lot, lost a lot, but have come out of it with what many would call Wisdom.

I run Chainwave, LLC - a Puerto Rico-based software engineering company providing blockchain and traditional software architecture + engineering.

I understand smart contracts and blockchain on a technical level.

More importantly, I understand the blockchain mechanisms as they pertain to human behavior, philosophy, game theory, and the human spirit.

I’m going to share opportunities and help you navigate this crazy space as I use my expertise and experience to guide you.

What do I get w/ Higher Tiers?

I’ll be posting many kinds of thoughts and discussions here. Possibly. interviews and guest pieces as well. Everything is about blockchain and DeFi for this group.

Anyone can sign up. There will be updates that are released to general public, updates just for free subscribers, and special updates and tips for paid subs.

General Musings and Thoughts about the Space

I share my experiences, where I think things are, and where I think they’re headed.

Articles & Tutorials

I like showing people how to actually do the things they’re hearing about.

I’ll be providing tutorials and videos to help you .

One Off “Scoops”

Plus, I’ll use this platform to share snippets and real-time breaking scoops on new project launches or concepts that are coming out including:

  • New projects

  • Interesting developments of existing projects

  • New ways to get returns in DeFi

  • Possible early access to projects

  • Exciting new verticals

This is even more valuable than the articles because it’s where the real first-mover advantages are for you as a reader.

I’m sometimes privy to new projects, new ways to generate yield from the space , and other insights that might be difficult to find as an outsider looking in. I’ll share what I’m able to as soon as I come across it

Real Time Chat

As a paying subscriber, you also get access to our private, members only Discord server where you can:

  • Ask questions

  • Suggest concepts to cover in the articles

  • Learn and Grow with other community members

Who is this for?

  • You’re looking to get insights into new opportunities.

  • You are driven to learn more about this space to position yourself well for future growth

  • You’re savvy and understand the risks of this space.

  • You never “Ape” into investments with funds you can’t afford to lose

  • You’re looking to get deeper insight to make better decisions

Who is this NOT for?

  • You’re looking for ‘picks’ , quick wins, flips, or pump & dumps

  • You’re looking for financial advice. This is not financial advice

  • You’re looking for TA/Charts/Other Analysis. I’m not a professional trader

  • You’re asking for me to tell you what to do - I’m not.

I know the blockchain space well and have helped many friends and clients understand the space more in order to reduce risk and generate higher returns for their own holdings.

Nothing is guaranteed in this space, and therefore I make none.

You can freely subscribe now and get the free updates as long as you want. Just click “none” on the paid options when you subscribe.

Frankly, if you get just one single insight from this which leads to some unique knowledge or profitable moves for yourself, this subscription pays for itself exponentially.